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Solutions for busy women who desire a simple fitness & nutrition journey

Tired of trying to juggle work, family, and your fitness journey? Struggling with inconsistent workouts and meal planning? Now you’re feeling guilty and frustrated because you can't prioritize your health like you want to. We understand, and we got you, sis!


Meet Your New Trainer

Tyneka is the Founder & Head Trainer of ImPACKt Fitness. After getting her feet wet in the insurance industry, she discovered her love for fitness. After competing in bodybuilding shows and winning her Pro card, she decided to start IPF to help other women gain the confidence she did from her fitness journey. She designed these programs to help you prioritize your health, be flexible with your time, and provide effective and simple fitness solutions.


ImPACKt VIP Program

Introducing our ImPACKt VIP Program which is tailored just for you. This includes:

  1. Time-efficient and effective workouts to fit your schedule
  2. Stress-free meal planning and nutrition coaching so you can navigate your food choices more confidently
  3. Accountability and support: never feel alone in your journey. We're here to keep you inspired and accountable

This is the solution that caters to your busy schedule and provides you with sustainable strategies for long-term success


8 Week Full Body Bands Program

This program can be done at home! All you need are superbands and loop bands. This is ideal for someone with minimal strength training experience, who has access to bands, and 3 days per week to work out. It would help someone who may have fat loss goals, or someone just looking to get back into a routine of regular exercise!


Day 1 Program

Are you new to working out? Want to get started on your fitness journey from the comfort of your own home? This is the program for you! This Day 1 : 12-Week program is designed to give you a foundation to start with before progressing to a gym workout (if desired). This is a beginner's program that requires minimal equipment. You will only need dumbbells and resistance bands!


ImPACKt Online

Join our community of strong, empowered women who are transforming their lives one workout at a time! You will have access to on-demand workouts, exercise, exercise education, coaching calls, nutrition coaching, and more! See you on the inside!

Client Testimonials

I came to IPF searching for discipline with working out and eating right. IPF ensured that my nutrition was done correctly. IPF did weekly check ins and sent accountability texts to help me reflect on the pros and cons of the week Tyneka was available 24/7 to help with any concerns and areas of improvement. I enjoyed my experience with IPF. I loved that Tyneka challenged me every week to push me to my limits. Thank you so much for your help! -Mirissa J