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Solutions for busy women who desire a simple fitness & nutrition journey

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Welcome to IMPACKT Fitness™

The Ultimate Method to Change Your Life

Welcome to IMPACKT Fitness™, where fitness for busy professionals is made simple and effective. Our personalized programs are designed to integrate seamlessly into your demanding lifestyle, ensuring you can stay healthy, energized, and focused—no matter how full your calendar is.


We recognize the unique challenges of busy professional women – from decision fatigue to juggling the tasks of life---  we’ve crafted our programs to be flexible, efficient, and effective. Whether you're looking to enhance your physical health, boost mental clarity, or find some much-needed 'me' time, our time-efficient workouts and stress-free fitness planning provide the guidance you need to make fitness a manageable part of your daily routine. We're here to support every step of your fitness journey.


Join us today and reshape your approach to fitness with habits that promote enduring personal and professional growth, helping you get in shape without the overwhelm.

Hi, I’m Tyneka

Certified Fitness Trainer and Personal Coach

Tyneka is the Founder & CEO of IMPACKT Fitness™. After getting her feet wet in the insurance industry, she discovered her love for fitness. After competing in bodybuilding shows and winning her Pro card, she decided to start IPF to help other women gain the confidence she did from her fitness journey. She designed these programs to help you prioritize your health, be flexible with your time, and provide effective and simple fitness solutions.

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"Her insight, dedication, and compassion make her the perfect choice for anyone seeking personalized and effective training."

Monique C.

“Not only will she target your needs to get in shape but she also provides knowledgeable insight on the nutritional side too.”

Julia A.

“Tyneka is kind and understanding and pushes you to reach your highest potential. I highly recommend ImPACKt Fitness!”

Crystal G.

"Tyneka is an awesome trainer and has a suite of services that has a holistic approach to your training and nutritional goals.  You won't regret training with Tyneka.”

Monique B.

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